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To provide an online source for self help heatlh care assistance, safely, discreetly, and efficiently online. ONLINERefills.to does not prescribe, or dispense any medications. All of the prescribing and dispensing of medications will be at the sole discretion of the providers that process, package and ship any of your online refills.

All ONLINERefills.to does as a free intermediary Service is to assist with transferring all order forms to the corresponding provider of choice. As well as providing all updates and details regarding the providers at your service.

Free Intermediary Service

The intermediary service is completly free for everyone. Since ONLINERefills.to is a third party service all fees are covered by the providers who hire the Third Party Service.

Third party services include:
Respond to all Inquiries
Transfer all Online Orders to the providers
Provide the proper expectations to all orders
Provide order updates (i.e.: Trackings, Errors, etc.)
Provide Product Details (Brands in use, Origin, etc)

Mail-Order Only

Making the process as convenient as possible. All the providers who are elgible of taking your online refill. All deliver to the comfort of your home.

Identity Safe

With todays digital world. Data safety can be challenging. Therefore, no data is stored on any of the sites, or hosting servers. Once an order form is placed, it is received and once passed to the providers for processing and filling, they self-destruct. This is done to avoid any system with internet from attempting to gain access to any data. All data is always maintained on a networkless environment. Meaning your data if it is ever stored, it is stored in a system not connected to the internet. To avoid anyone from attempting to gain access to it. We take spam, and telemarketing seriously. When orders are passed, no PHONE NUMBERS, or EMAILS are passed to avoid those pesky telemarketing calls. If ANYTHING is passed your are notified.

Premium Providers Only

Only the most professional providers are serviced.
Each provider guarantees delivery, quality & a Money Back Guarantee - Policy.


When the desire to change is there, one of the first steps can be contacting a prescription drug abuse hotline. If you’d like to discuss your options or know of a friend or family member currently struggling with prescription drug abuse.

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The National Suicide Prevention Lifeline is a national network of local crisis centers that provides free and confidential emotional support to people in suicidal crisis or emotional distress 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You need help?

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On this section we have the online pharmacy prescription refill Providers.
Please read carefully to choose the proper provider for you. You will find DOMESTIC as well as OFFSHORE providers, each will be noted to make your pick easier.

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United States Providers

The providers under this section ship from and deliver only within the United States.

Each US Provider may be different from each other. But instructions such as, no ship to states will be expressed and shared for each product each provider handles. If they are more than one provider for one product, on the product page you will see the prices each provider handles, instructions for payment, and ETA for delivery.

This product can not be shipped to:
Arizona, Arkansas, West Virginia


This product can not be shipped to:
Arizona, Arkansas, West Virginia


This product can not be shipped to:
Arizona, Arkansas, West Virginia


This product can not be shipped to:
Arizona, Arkansas, West Virginia


This product can not be shipped to:
Arizona, Arkansas, West Virginia


This product can be shipped to all states


European Providers

This section will be filled soon

Indian Providers

This Section will be filled soon

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